How do I add time to a project?

Adding time to a project is as simple as adding a project name, and an amount of time to the project.

Put your cursor in the text area at the top, and describe what you did. Then hit tab to drop down to the meta-box. Just begin typing the amount of time you spent on the project in the HH:MM format; 0:30 for thirty minutes or 1:25 for an hour and twenty five minutes.

Staction will start suggesting times as soon as you begin typing so it’s easy to scroll down through the list with your arrow keys and select the correct amount of time. The auto-complete will stop suggesting times at 5 hours. For example, if you enter 8 hours for a project, it will process like normal, but the meta tag box won’t auto-complete it for you.

Press “Update” or simply hit enter to post the new entry.


  • You don’t need to apply a specific project to a task.
  • The description of the entry can’t be empty.
  • You can add as much time as you want. The auto complete will only go up to 5 hours, but you’re not limited to that amount of time.

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