What is the syntax for the meta-box tags?

The syntax for the meta-box is really simple; all you need to do is type the name of what you want to classify. So if you want to send a message to a user named Joe, just start typing “Joe” in the box, Staction will offer suggestions based on what you’ve already typed. If what you’re looking for is listed below just use your keyboard to scroll down and enter to select. if you want to put the message under the “New Website” project, all you need to do is start typing that name in the box. Staction will figure out the rest and do the boring stuff for you!

There also some special tags that will help your workflow:

  • If you want to make the item a Todo, just type “Todo” into the meta-box
  • If you want to add a time entry, just type how much time you spent on it in the HH:MM format (0:30, 1:30, 25:30, etc.)
  • If you want to upload a file using the meta-box (and not the file button located just to the right of the meta-box), just type “File”, when you select file an uploader will appear to help you out.

All tags are separated by a comma and the order doesn’t matter.

Putting it all together it looks like:
Joe, Todo, New Website

This will assign whatever you wrote in the update box as a Todo for Joe on the New Website project.

Just remember, the person and/or project that you are trying to assign an update to must exist in Staction. You can add people and projects from the links in the nav bar at the top of the page.

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