Ideas for saved views

A few cool ideas of how to dig into your workflow…

  • See all un-done todo’s across all projects for a single user
  • See all entries that say: “bug” within a certain project
  • See all entries between two employees on a certain day, on a specific project
  • Show all files uploaded to all projects on a day.
  • Show all todo’s sent to employees that aren’t complete -across all projects.
  • Show all time entries with a file attached
  • Show all incomplete todo’s on a project assigned to a person, by a person, that contain the word: “Header”

Get the idea? Staction lets you dive into your workflow like you never have before. Better still, any custom view you make can be saved, and is dynamically updated as new content matches the criteria. Which is better? Clicking through pages, and grooming RSS feeds, or simply sorting?

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